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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ETF's have Boosted Gold as an Investment Option

Gold has always been a popular investment destination for various types of investors, standing out as a tried and true safe haven that generally performs well in times of equity market turbulence as well as an alternative to fiat currencies that have occasionally come under pressure. But the development of exchange-traded funds has given gold a tremendous boost in the investing world, and the combination of precious metals exposure and the exchange-traded structure has proven to be an extremely efficient marriage that is appealing to all types of investors.

Historically gold has been popular in India for holding it in the form of jewellery. But over the years there has been a lot of awareness in the general public over gold as a financial asset. The retail investors have started investing in gold online rather than holding it in physical form.

Gold ETFs have been a success story around the world and Indians are warming up to the idea of investing in it since they were launched in 2007.

Demand for physical gold in India is approximately 700 tonnes annually whereas gold ETF accounts to just 30 tonnes annually that's a mere 3 % of the total gold consumption.  But industry players suggest it could rise by at least 50 percent year-on-year.

The gold collections of ETFs have risen from 15 tonnes in 2010 to 30 tonnes in 2011 (an increase of 100%). The number of corporate portfolios under ETFs has also increased to 5,599 in 2011 as against 3,310 in 2010

A World Gold Council (WGC) report states that India imported around 960 tonnes of gold in 2011. As such, Gold ETF demand at 30 tonnes accounts for only about 3% of total Indian import demand. However, this percentage is expected to increase

Gold ETFs are open ended mutual funds that help you invest your money in gold which is 99.5 % pure.  Gold Exchange Traded Funds are also known as paper gold.  These are listed on the stock exchanges and investors are assigned units of the mutual fund where each unit often represents one gram of gold.
There are already a dozen other gold ETF products by different asset management companies, but, physical delivery is not offered to individual retail investors. Only market participant can take physical delivery of minimum 1 kg gold

However, for the first time, a new Gold ETF has been launched wherein, Indian retail investors in gold ETFs (exchange traded fund) will get a chance to take physical delivery for a minimum denomination of 10 grams.
Motilal Oswal along with RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd. Have launched , for the first time in the world, Gold ETF’s with physical delivery of a minimum of 10 grams, which can directly be purchased from an AMC or at the stock exchange.

MOSt gold shares, as they are rightly called, will be available across 22 cities and at a much lower price.
By taking physical delivery, investors will be able to buy pure gold much cheaper than available in coins and bar form with banks and jewellers who charge a premium of 6 to 17 per cent over the imported gold price.
As investors do that, they also get the benefit of essentially buying gold at spot prices, which today they cannot do in any other investment option, whether it's buying through physical gold option or buying through the electronic option. So typically, they end up paying a premium over spot prices
I believe, Gold ETF’s should make up atleast 5-10 % of an investor’s portfolio to give him balanced returns from all the available investment options.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pre Budget Views & Suggestions

The most discussed topic this month is “THE UNION BUDGET” & how will it affect our commodity business.

Being a MD of RSBL and President of BBA, everyone has been asking about Pre budget expectations and suggestions. On my behalf, I would like to put forward following points:

1.        Import Duty:
Government had increased import duty on Gold and Silver before the budget. A two per cent customs duty on the value of gold imports will replace the flat Rs.300 per 10 grams that was being levied on the yellow metal earlier. Similarly, in the case of silver a six per cent customs duty on the value of the imports will be charged instead of the Rs.1,500 per kilogram that was being levied until now. The duty price is variable as per the delivery of the consignment. Due to this, the increase in duty on the actual price of gold is being passed on to the retail consumers by the jewellers. I expect that this budget will address this issue and a fix duty structure will be levied. The extra revenue generated from the increased duty should be used by the government for creating new hallmarking centers, Research & development in mining sector.

a.      Hallmarking is a great move by the government. It will ensure customer satisfaction by purity assurance. For this, the current need is to increase the hall marking centers at a faster pace so that the implementation is done in no time.
b.      Research & development is the key to the future of Indian bullion industry. India is rich in mines but the R&D is so poor that we are hardly in position to extract much of its abundant resources. To be precise the country produced and refined only a minuscule 2.46 tonne worth Rs312 crore in 2008-09, the latest period for which data are available. That’s less than 1% of the value of metallic mineral production in the country. On the other hand, China boosted its gold refining business after it gave companies a single-window clearance along with fiscal and infrastructure incentives, he said. Today, the country produces and refines about 320 tonne(approx.) of gold annually, the most in the world. I feel that if R&D is carried in an efficient way, production of the metal will increase. This will reduce dependency on imports and in turn help the government to increase the forex reserve. As the metal will be extracted locally, customers will be benefitted pricewise, due to local production.

2.        Clarity:
 Excise duty of 1% has been levied on branded Gold/Silver coins and small bars. I expect that there will be clarity on the definition of “branded goods”. Excise duty increase will hit the common man who is the biggest investor in these types of products. The products will be more expensive and in turn reduce his/her savings.

3.        Options:
 Commodity exchange have now completed almost 8 years in India. Introduction of Option product for this exchange is must. Those who have the exposure should be given an opportunity. It will be a boon for a bullion trader and jeweler. By using this instrument they can hedge their future position and in a way provide the necessary risk cover. An investor will also be highly benefitted from this instrument. He/she will get a chance to invest in a larger quantity of metal with a lower investment and reap benefits till the expiry date.

4.        STT Tax:
 I understand that Government is thinking of introducing STT tax, like the one in the equity market. STT tax should not be charged on bullion dealers & jewelers, as it will only increase the metal price and in turn increase the price for the customers. It should be charged onto speculators only.

5.        For Corporate Bullion Dealers:
 Gold Deposit Schemes are offered by banks in which investors deposit gold for a period of certain years earning a fixed rate of interest.  The depository scheme that the banks and MFs are enjoying should also be allowed to corporate, working for bullion industry. It will help to increase the gold reserves and in turn benefit the customers willing to deposit their idle gold.

6.         Schemes:
Indian households have nearly 25,000 to 30,000 tonnes of Gold. I expect that this budget would show an effective way to gain revenue by exporting it. I would suggest Government of India to introduce schemes like minimum tax scheme wherein an investor is charged minimum tax to convert his/her unaccounted gold into an accounted one. By this the government treasury will also increase and the idle gold can be put to use. The other scheme can be a VDS scheme (voluntary disclosure scheme) by which the Gold /Silver can be brought to the market.

7.        Tenure:
I expect an increase in Gold loan scheme period to extend from 180 days to 360 days and LC tenure from 90 to 180 days.

8.        Goods and Service Tax
Most importantly, GST implementation is a must. If implemented, it is expected to provide a significant boost to investment and growth of the economy. GST will have a significant impact on almost all aspects of businesses operating in the country, including the supply chain, sourcing and distribution decisions, inventory costs and cash flows, pricing policy, accounting systems and transactions management. A flat 1% across India should be levied by the government, which would replace most indirect taxes currently in place.

Any other suggestions are welcome. They will surely be put forward to create a better environment not only for bullion dealers or jewelers but also for the common man.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Gold Coins- A smart Investment Option For Women

According to a recent survey, more and more women are found to be the key   personalities while purchasing and making major family decisions. With an increase in the number of working women in the country, their disposable income is also on a rise. This gives the superwoman of today a better purchasing power and opens wider avenues for her to spend as well as invest. Gone are the days when every financial need was addressed by a man of the family. Today the matriarchal society speaks out loud on the investment front.

A decade ago, these decision makers of the household considered buying gold jewelery a smarter move, as gold has always been a proud asset that yields financial gains. But investing in gold in the form of 'jewelery' is now a story of the past. Buying, gifting and wearing gold jewelery may be an auspicious affair, but not a very favorable investment decision.

Gold when purchased in the form of jewelery is less pure and prone to damage involving wear and tear which depreciates its value. Moreover, it involves cost of high making charges and the jewelery may become out of fashion as and when newer designs flood the markets. Ornaments often contain additives likes stones etc which only increases the weight and not the value. Also liquidity is low , the wastage being high in jewelery. Gold due to its high liquidity is readily bought in the markets. However, gold jewelery has very few options as only selective jewelers buy it back as it yields a depreciated value.

Conversely, buying gold coins can be a smarter bargain. Gold coins are comparatively tensile and stay intact, so that their value would not lessen due to usage and wastage. They are available in the purest forms in the market, yielding profitable returns with the prices of gold rising high. Gold coin due to its standardization offers a larger platter of buyers to the seller when it is to be sold. Almost every dealer would want to purchase it at the market rate of gold at a given point of time.

For example, if a gold chain of 10gms and a 10gms coin was bought a year ago, the gold coin would yield more appreciation on liquidity as it is in the purest form, i.e. 24 Karat. Whereas, the gold chain which was bought at a higher price (including making charges) would yield the value for 22 or 23 karat purity of gold. Besides, the change in design trend and wastage due to wear n tear would also lessen the value of the jewelery.

As per our glorious Indian Tradition, even though it becomes mandatory for occasions like weddings and festivals to gift gold jewelery, our gen Y lady can now make a smarter move at such times by buying some amount of gold jewelery and a major chunk of gold coins. This gives equal justice to both the requirement of the moment as well as the motive for smart investment. Moreover coins can always be exchanged for buying jewelery as well as utilized for creating beautiful ornaments. So all you Gen Next Ladies, go ahead and make your Investment in the shining GOLD way more fruitful now by buying Gold Coins.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Gold taking center stage

Gold was stable in Europe on Tuesday morning, not straying too far from its Monday closing levels, with precious metals lacking both enthusiasm and definite short-term drivers.

Spot gold was up $2.10 to $1,722.50/1,723.30 per ounce. On the charts, the next resistance level is pegged at $1,740, while support stands at $1,721 and $1,715.

Among other precious metals, silver fell 13 cents to $33.53/33.57 per ounce - the metal reached its best since November 16 at $34.42 per ounce on Friday before consolidating lower along with the rest of the complex.
Platinum at $1,618/1,628 per ounce was down $3.50,
The Indian currency shot up to trade on Monday at 49.08 after hitting the high of 48.83 last week. The current value of rupee shows a rise of 8.23% from its lowest level in December.

Despite another postponed deadline in Greece, the dollar weakened against the euro on Tuesday, which sent precious metals rallying. The Greek Prime Minister’s meeting is being held so that the Prime Minster can obtain the political support for the austerity measures that would ensure cooperation from international creditors. Perhaps the optimism was owing to reports that the ECB was willing to contribute to a restructuring of Greek debt. However, this is subject to a successful conclusion to the current debt restructuring negotiations.

Being an election year in the U.S., it is not altogether unusual for indicators to be received in positive fashion. Historically, with few exceptions, the modern economy has performed well during election years. Yet what steers the boat has less to do with the performance during elections years than it does with common sense. The fiscal policies have been repetitive and aimed at sparking the engine, yet it must eventually run on its own accord. Market and fiscal trends are apt to change, sometimes violently.
Fiat currencies makes hard asset commodities, such as oil, gasoline and food cost ore as a result. On the other hand, gold benefits as it is held as a store of value. As other investments get punished, consumers become fearful and the prospect of business growth slows, gold is likely to take center stage

There is still no agreement on a restructuring of government bonds - and the euro zone will continue to cast a cloud over sentiment. Greece has postponed a decision on accepting new terms for a fresh bailout until today

In the current market environment, easing inflationary pressures could – contrary to conventional wisdom – turn out to be supportive for gold as it would open the door for further monetary easing in China