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Sunday, 27 July 2014


by Mr. Prithviraj Kothari, MD, RSBL

In the past week gold and silver dropped drastically. Even the ongoing tensions in Russia and Israel could not provide support to gold. US laying sanctions along with European counter parts on Russia hasn't proven that effective till now whereas the cease fire process between Israel and Hamas group has gone for a toss.

It is very difficult to list "a" particular reason for fall in gold prices. Rise and decline are both influenced by a variety of factors. 

China has been one of the key drivers of gold in recent years, but now there is word that China may be increasingly less important to the gold story.

While the U.S. economy recovers, China’s demand for gold plummeted in the first six months of 2014. This helped to allow gold to fall back under the $1,300 per ounce mark on Thursday, after having been up more than 8% so far in 2014. Demand in China for gold was down by a whopping 62% for gold bars, and gold coin demand was also down by a sharp 44%.

China announced gold consumption figures for the first half of 2014. The China Gold Association announced that they fell to 569.45 tons as demand for gold bars declined 62 % to 105.58 tons, the world’s largest consumer said. Gold coins and other uses of gold dropped 44 % to 10.95 tons, while use in jewellery rose 11 % to 426.17 tons and industrial use climbed 11 % to 26.75 tons.

Last year was a record and China and the nation’s consumers are focusing on other internal and external issues rather than gold. Still, this drop in demand is much more than many industry observers might have assumed.

After China it was key US economic indicators that continued to pressurize gold.

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level in nearly 8-1/2 years last week, suggesting the labour market recovery was gaining traction. The belief that the US economy is on the path of recovery pulled gold prices down. 

Geo-political tensions: 
Escalating geopolitical tensions have induced support to Gold prices. 

The U.S. stated late Thursday that Russian troops or pro-Russia rebels are shooting artillery shells at Ukraine targets from within Russia’s border. Russian President Vladimir is facing more pressure to expedite the investigation into the crash of a Malaysian passenger on July 17 in Ukraine.

Meantime, the Israel-Hamas fighting continued to be intense. Gaza authorities said Israeli forces shelled a shelter at a U.N.-run school on Thursday, killing at least 15 people. Fighting this month in Gaza has killed more than 800 Palestinians and 35 Israelis. 
Ukraine and Russia traded accusations of cross-border shelling as tensions between the ex-Soviet neighbors intensified. 

The growing tensions and havoc on Eastern Europe and the Middle East this week has boosted demand for safe haven assets liked Gold. 

Spot gold was up 0.7 percent at 1,301.81 an ounce, after losing nearly 1 percent on Thursday, when it hit its lowest since June 19 at $1,287.46. Gold rose on Friday, re-bouncing from the previous session's drop to a one-month low, as heightened tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine and situation of Gaza not getting better prompted speculators to buy back their bearish bets ahead of the weekend.

Gold holdings in Russia's and Turkeys bullion reserves increased in June as both countries lifted their reserves.

Russia, the world's fifth-largest bullion holder after the United States, Germany, Italy and France, increased its gold holdings by 16.8 tonnes to 1,094.8 tonnes in June, the IMF's International Financial Statistics report showed.

Turkey, the world's 12th-largest nation in terms of gold ownership, raised its precious metal by 9.9 tonnes to 512.9 tonnes for the month. It counts gold held on deposit with it by commercial banks as part of the central bank's bullion holdings.

THE BANK ESPIRITO SANTO- This crisis has been contagious for the world. When the world of electronic finance catches the flu, the true nature is all systems fail. One of Portugal's largest banks, Espirito Santo, sent waves through the financial system when we learned they would default on a payment. And they have been fighting against bankruptcy ever since.

Next week, will be a week to watch. 
  • Comex expiry for Gold contracts on 28th July.
  • 2nd Quarter Advance GDP release on Wednesday morning
  • Wednesday afternoon we will hear the results of a two day FOMC meeting. 
  • The Non-Farm Payrolls Report for July on Friday August 1. 
  • The Chicago PMI, Michigan Sentiment, and the ISM Index
  • Geo political tensions.

Lots more in the basket and lots of surprises for precious metals. These factors will surely influence gold prices...what we need to see is HOW?


$1292-$1334 an ounce
Rs.27,700-Rs.28,700 per 10 gram
$20.15- $21.50 an ounce
Rs.43,600-Rs.46,000 per kg

The primary purpose of this article by Mr. Prithviraj Kothari is to educate the masses of the current happenings in the Bullion world.
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