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Monday, 13 February 2012

Gold Coins- A smart Investment Option For Women

According to a recent survey, more and more women are found to be the key   personalities while purchasing and making major family decisions. With an increase in the number of working women in the country, their disposable income is also on a rise. This gives the superwoman of today a better purchasing power and opens wider avenues for her to spend as well as invest. Gone are the days when every financial need was addressed by a man of the family. Today the matriarchal society speaks out loud on the investment front.

A decade ago, these decision makers of the household considered buying gold jewelery a smarter move, as gold has always been a proud asset that yields financial gains. But investing in gold in the form of 'jewelery' is now a story of the past. Buying, gifting and wearing gold jewelery may be an auspicious affair, but not a very favorable investment decision.

Gold when purchased in the form of jewelery is less pure and prone to damage involving wear and tear which depreciates its value. Moreover, it involves cost of high making charges and the jewelery may become out of fashion as and when newer designs flood the markets. Ornaments often contain additives likes stones etc which only increases the weight and not the value. Also liquidity is low , the wastage being high in jewelery. Gold due to its high liquidity is readily bought in the markets. However, gold jewelery has very few options as only selective jewelers buy it back as it yields a depreciated value.

Conversely, buying gold coins can be a smarter bargain. Gold coins are comparatively tensile and stay intact, so that their value would not lessen due to usage and wastage. They are available in the purest forms in the market, yielding profitable returns with the prices of gold rising high. Gold coin due to its standardization offers a larger platter of buyers to the seller when it is to be sold. Almost every dealer would want to purchase it at the market rate of gold at a given point of time.

For example, if a gold chain of 10gms and a 10gms coin was bought a year ago, the gold coin would yield more appreciation on liquidity as it is in the purest form, i.e. 24 Karat. Whereas, the gold chain which was bought at a higher price (including making charges) would yield the value for 22 or 23 karat purity of gold. Besides, the change in design trend and wastage due to wear n tear would also lessen the value of the jewelery.

As per our glorious Indian Tradition, even though it becomes mandatory for occasions like weddings and festivals to gift gold jewelery, our gen Y lady can now make a smarter move at such times by buying some amount of gold jewelery and a major chunk of gold coins. This gives equal justice to both the requirement of the moment as well as the motive for smart investment. Moreover coins can always be exchanged for buying jewelery as well as utilized for creating beautiful ornaments. So all you Gen Next Ladies, go ahead and make your Investment in the shining GOLD way more fruitful now by buying Gold Coins.


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